Ch 8-14: Basic Anatomy & Phrases
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Ch 8: Where Does it Hurt? Basic Anatomy Lesson 1 – Video Lesson

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If you’re talking about something that hurts that’s singular (e.g. nose), you say “duele” for example, “Me duele la nariz.” However, if you’re talking about something plural, you say “duelen,” for example, “Me duelen los ojos.”

Do you have pain?¿Tiene dolor?
Where does it hurt?¿Dónde le duele?
My ____ hurts.Me duele____
The earsLas orejas
The eyesLos ojos
The faceLa cara
The foreheadLa frente
The hairEl pelo
The inner earEl oído
The mouthLa boca
The neckEl cuello
The noseLa nariz
The sinusLos sensos
The throatLa garganta
The tonsilsLas amígdalas