Ch 8-14: Basic Anatomy & Phrases
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Ch 7: Do you speak English? Review – Video Lesson

Watch the video lesson. At the end, quizzes will appear below.

Hi,Hola,do you speak Spanish?¿Habla español?Yes,Si,I speak Spanish.hablo español.
Nice to meet you.
El gusto es mío.
My name is Claudio.Me llamo Claudio.Nice to meet you Claudio.Mucho gusto Claudio.My name is Angela.Me llamo Angela.
How are things going?¿Cómo le va?Fine, thanks.Bien, gracias.
That’s great!¡Qué bien!I’d like to introduce you to Juan.Le presento a Juan.Nice to meet you Juan.Mucho gusto Juan.
The pleasure is mine.El gusto es mío.