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Spanish for Nurses
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Spanish for nurses will help you better take care of your patients who speak Spanish – even if you’ve never take Spanish before. It has been taught at the college level for mutliple years and you can take it here for free! What’s the catch? No catch. We want to help provide good customer care to Spanish-speaking patients. If there has to be a catch, this is it – after the course, you can purchase the online certification exam if you’d like. You can also purchase the accompanying reference book.

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What you will learn

Optional Certification Exam

The Certification Exam costs


& is valid for two years

The free course prepares you for the National Spanish for Nurses Certification exam. This can help boost your resume and land (or keep) the job you want.

Play Video about Spanish for Nurses Brain Science Video

Brain Science Helps the Spanish Stick

The lessons use the latest brain science strategies to help the Spanish stick long term. Watch the video (above) to learn more about how the lessons work. 

"This is an exceptional course for nurses who want to learn how to communicate with their Spanish speaking patients. In fact, the Spanish for Nurses course has become very popular with nurses."

Director RH-to-BSN Program - Westminster College

Learn from previous students & hear what they say about Spanish for Nurses

There is a great need for health care workers to have this knowledge and basic skill set so we can better take care of all people we come in contact with and need to provide care to.
Erin S.
This class was very helpful and has a great concept going for it.
Addie P.
[The lessons on this site] helped me learn key medical Spanish phrases that I can use every day when helping my patients. The repetitiveness of the modules really helps the phrases and words to sink it. [It] made learning a new language simple and fun!
Markae F.
Play Video about Spanish for nurses fluency example

How fluent will you be after the course?​

Watch the video above to see how fluent you could become after the course. This video represents average students going through the course.

The video above is of Erin and Carolina 90% through the course.

Buy the Optional Reference Book

The Medical Spanish for Nurses book is a quick reference for use on the job. It helps you remember everything you learned in the course.

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